Vertical Scalability of Logstash in AWS - ECS


Hi Everyone ,

I am trying to implement ELK stack on AWS environment and planning to run logstash as Docker Container on ECS .

The incoming traffic to logstash are from Filebeat installed on around 20+ App servers and I believe the communication from Filebeat to logstash is over TCP .

In that case , we are forced to use Amazon's Network load balancer ( over an App Load Balancer) which results in the mapping of Logstash container port to host Port ( 5044) . This prevents a vertical scalable logstash container and limits to One container per host .

Is there a way to scale up vertically in ECS - Running more logstash containers with network load balancer ?

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This isn't really a Logstash question.

You could have a local load balancer on each machine that dispatches connections to the backing containers.

Isn't the AWS load balancer able to field incoming connections to different ports on the same destination host?

Why do you need to run a large machine with multiple Logstash containers in the first place?

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