Visualizing maps on Kibana in logstash originated data, when I already HAVE the geo information

Hey there, I have a Django implementation that logs into Logstash. I already send the geographical information to logstash. I do not need it to convert IP addresses to geo-information. Here's a sample of what I send (this output is from Logstash running locally on my machine)

       "program" => "",
      "@version" => "1",
          "port" => 65242,
         "level" => "INFO",
    "@timestamp" => 2020-02-23T23:34:25.068Z,
     "logsource" => "MyLocalMachine.local",
          "type" => "python-logstash",
          "host" => "MyLocalMachine.local",
          "my_app" => {
                        "geo_lat" => "Decimal('40.957900')",
                "geo_postal_code" => "07410",
                     "created_at" => "2020-02-20T20:41:25.000Z",
            "interpreter_version" => "3.6.5",
                           "line" => 50,
                        "version" => "2.0.202",
        "geo_state_province_code" => "NJ",
               "geo_country_code" => "US",
                   "process_name" => "MainProcess",
               "geo_country_name" => "United States",
                    "logger_name" => "my_app-user-activity-log",
         "logstash_async_version" => "1.6.4",
                 "geo_place_name" => "Hawthorne",
                   "geo_timezone" => "America/New_York",
                      "func_name" => "handle",
                         "domain" => "like",
                       "geo_long" => "Decimal('-74.158100')",
                    "thread_name" => "MainThread",
                         "action" => "unliked-a-video-post",
                     "element_id" => "2359c8c7-6af9-4237-a733-96bd450fbb77",
        "geo_state_province_name" => "New Jersey",
                    "interpreter" => "/Users/me/dev/myproj/test/venv/bin/python",
                    "environment" => "development"
           "pid" => 20585,
       "message" => ""

I can't figure out a way to convert my long/lat into whatever datatypes Elasticsearch needs to be able to use the visualization of the map in Kibana . The only information I can find online is converting IP to GEO, which isn't what I need. Isn't there a way to visualize maps in Kibana where I already have the geo-information (lat/long/country-code,state etc)?

You will need an index template that tells elasticsearch that some field is a geo_point and then add documents with the latitude and longitude in an appropriate format.

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