VMWare NSX Parsing

I'm currently working on a Logstash pipeline for VMWare NSX firewall logs coming in over syslog forwarding. Some of the ICMP logs have a couple numbers between the protocol name and the source and destination IPs that VMWare's documentation doesn't reference that I can see. My organization's VMWare guy has been less than helpful to say the least.


<6>1 2022-09-01T16:28:16.920Z redacted_esx_server_name FIREWALL_PKTLOG - - - INET match PASS 4133 IN 80 ICMP 11 0>

4133 is the rule id and 80 is the packet length. Would anyone know what the 11 and 0 are?

I'd like to be able to make an intelligent decision on whether to map them to fields or not rather than just dropping them.

This means ICMP Type 11 Code 0 [reference].

And from VMWare documentation

For non-TCP connections (UDP, ICMP or other protocols), the reason for terminating a connection is only TIMEOUT.

I would say that you probably can ignore those fields.

Thank you. Not all of the NSX logs that are being sent to me had them (... ICMP source_ip...) so I didn't want to make any assumptions.

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