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I was looking at the vphere metribeat module, Iam bit confused , should we install the metribeat on vphere itself with vphere module enabled or should we install in another server where we install the metricbeat and enable the module and send it elasticsearch or how ?


  • module: vsphere
    enabled: true
    metricsets: ["datastore", "host", "virtualmachine"]
    period: 10s
    hosts: ["https://localhost/sdk"]

what is this "https://localhost/sdk"] is it elasticsearch or logstash ?


Hi @Raj_Kumar,

Beats are intended to be run on the same nodes where the monitored services are executed. If it is not possible, it can also work from another server. In any case, the addresses in hosts are the ones of the monitored service, for your case you should configure there the url of the vsphere API.
Elasticsearch, logstash and other outputs are configured in the general settings.

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Thank for the reply :slight_smile:

Just one question ,as am not good in vmware tehnologies,

Is this intended to be installed at the vcenter server?

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