Way to place new line space using Webhook request

We are trying to call ServiceNow Webhook API calls via Elastic Security signal actions. For Eg, we are using the following body below -

    "description":"""Rule Description: {{context.rule.description}} 
Number of Events: {{state.signals_count}} 
Results: {{{context.results_link}}}""",
    "u_ticket_classification": "Incident",
    "impact": "4 - Low",
    "urgency": "4 - Low"

Now this gives me results as follows -

Rule Description: {{context.rule.description}} Number of Events: {{state.signals_count}} Results: {{{context.results_link}}}

Issue: The results are being displayed in the same line. I rather want this as follows in new lines-

Rule Description: {{context.rule.description}} 
Number of Events: {{state.signals_count}} 
Results: {{{context.results_link}}}

My example might help you, it is what I use for JIRA. You first need to understand how ServiceNow Renders items. I had to study JIRA rendering Text Formatting Notation Help - Jira (atlassian.net) first so I could include the correct syntax to get what I wanted.

Elastic SIEM Connector to JIRA Service Desk Template #JIRA #Elastic (github.com)

austinsonger/Elastic-Security: Repo for Automations and other solutions for Elastic SIEM/Security. (github.com)

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