Web_Traffic index not available in engineer course

Course: Elastic engineer

I am on module 5 of the Elastic Engineer on demand course.
The lab references an index called web_traffic, however the index does not exist on the lab environment. I would just skip the module, however the remaining modules keep referencing the index, so it seems i can not progress. Please can you advise.

" Lab 5.1: Metrics and buckets aggregations


In this lab, you will become familiar with writing metrics and bucket aggregations. You will use aggregations to answer some questions about the web_traffic index.

Note: The field runtime_ms for the index web_traffic is in microsecond (μs).""

=== This is the error when i copy and paste code from the question:

"error" : {
"root_cause" : [
"type" : "index_not_found_exception",
"reason" : "no such index [web_traffic]",
"resource.type" : "index_or_alias",
"resource.id" : "web_traffic",
"index_uuid" : "na",
"index" : "web_traffic"

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The index web_traffic must be created in the Lab 4.1: Changing data

Review this lab to make sure, you correctly indexed this new dataset.


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