Webcrawler and googleoff:all tags


I'm crawling our site and it seems to be working fine. But the issue I see is that the content contains text that is outside the !--googleon: all-- tag. The way we have our code is like this:

<!--googleoff: all-->
<div id="breadcrumbs">...
<!--googleon: all-->
<div id="content-primary">
<!--googleoff: all-->

When I look at the crawled documents, the content always start with the menu-links, breadcrumbs, .... and after that I get the content.

Is this a known issue?
Or is this a setting I missed?


Hey Tim!

We do not support google tags, and there are no immediate plans to support them.

But we have plans to add support for exclusion/inclusion tags.
It's in our short-term roadmap, so stay tuned!


OK, thanks.

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