Webhdfs write path


I'm using logstash to write data from elasticsearch to hdfs. Everything is going well but th eproblem is when logstash write data in hdfs there is the following exception:
webhdfs write caused an exception: {"RemoteException":{"exception":"IOException","javaClassName":"java.io.IOException","message":"Failed to replace a bad datanode on the existing pipeline due to no more good datanodes being available to try.

My logstash config is the following:
input {
elasticsearch {
hosts => "x.x.x.x"
index =>"my_index"

add_field =>{

output {
webhdfs {
host => ""
path => "/testLogstash/logstash-%{+yyyy-MM-dd}.log"
user => "flume"
flush_size => 6000
idle_flush_time => 60

stdout {}


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