(Website) Migration of logstash.net to elastic.co

Hello folks!

It's been a wonderful many years that logstash.net has served us documentation, hasn't it? In our efforts to improve our documentation, we also migrated most of our newer Logstash docs to elastic.co. That migration occurred along with Logstash 1.5.0's release.

With 1.5.x being available for some time now, as well as Logstash 2.0.0 coming around the corner, I'm going to decomission logstash.net, but not destructively, i hope!

The path of decomission is planned to be this:

  1. Capture a zip file of the whole logstash.net (with apache configs) for you if you need it. I'll provide a link here in this thread once that is done.
  2. Make all (or most of) logstash.net redirect to some appropriate place on elastic.co
  3. Shutdown logstash.net

The timing of all of this will likely occur in that order, and within the next week, with logstash.net going offline before October 23.

I'll keep this thread updated as to my progress on this decommission.


Archive of logstash.net as of today is available here:


Included is the full site (html/images/etc) as well as the apache config used at the time.

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Deploying 301 redirects to most of logstash.net right now.

I forgot to note that Logstash 1.4.x is EOL, so the older docs won't show up on elastic.co, but see above for the archive of the entire former logstash.net site.

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Yay for 301s! Thanks Jordan.

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