Weekday parsing using locale not working

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I'm trying to parse a timestamp containing a weekday using logstash 6.2.2.

German weekday: not working (dateparsefailure)

echo "Die" | /opt/logstash-6.2.2/bin/logstash -e 'filter { date { locale => "de"
match => [ "message", "EEE" ] } }'

English weekday: working

echo "Tue" | /opt/logstash-6.2.2/bin/logstash -e 'filter { date { locale => "en"
match => [ "message", "EEE" ] } }'

What's the correct way to specify the locale? Is it "de" or "de-DE" or "de_DE". I've tried various forms (POSIX/IETF-BCP47) but I couldn't get the weekday to be parsed correctly.

Any ideas? Is this a bug?


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Any ideas anyone? If not I will create a bugreport as it looks like a bug to me.


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