What happened to filebeat?

from 15th February, my filebeat output log only at 8:30 am and stopped after two or three hours.
I can not find error in log.please help me

You aren't giving us much information in order to be able to help you. For starters what is the graph showing? What's the configuration you are using? Where are you sending that data to? What Filebeat version? Can you share the log output from Filebeat?

Perhaps there is back pressure from the output.

This is my config file

filebeat log, i can only find this error in filebeat log.

I send the log to es everyday,but from 10 days ago, es only received logs about two hours one day.

Today's line chart

filebeat version 6.1.2
elasticsearch version 6.1.3

I fixed it by improving my es cloud server.
how can I know details of es cloud server's cpu perform. I need figure out which index cost most of the cpu and memory.

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