What is the best setup for Beats and ELK stack

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This is the setup that I'm currently trying to achieve few months ago with Logstash Forwarder:
LF --> Logstash --> Redis -> Logstash Indexer --> Elasticsearch --> Kibana
However, as Logstash Forwarder will be depreciated soon , I will replace it with Beats tools(Filebeat, packetbeat).
I can see Beats has an output configuration directly to ElasticSearch.
On each monitored node, I will install filebeat to ship certain logs and packetbeat to capture network packets info .

Should I still use the same setup above or connect Beats directly ES ?

What would be the recommended setup?


Cong Nguyen

(Vincent Tran) #2

For packetbeat and topbeat, it is certainly fine to forward events directly to ES as they have boilerplate format and template. However, with filebeat, I would recommend using logstash to "massage the data".

(ruflin) #3

The recommended setup is as @vtst2412 described it:

  • Topbeat and Packetbeat directly to Elasticsearch
  • Filebeat through logstash if you need your log files analysed

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thanks, guys.

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