What is this error?

hi all

my logstash jvm config is
Xms 2g Xmx 2g
3 server and each server has 2conf file

conf file is 1workers config
content is

input {
  jdbc {oracle}
output {
  jdbc { postgresql}

logstash no problem at first
but suddenly some server error


JDBC - Exception. Not retrying {:exception=>#<SystemCallError: Unknown error (SystemCallError) - <STDERR>>

i checked

  1. conf file ==> that is no problem
  2. get event at oracle, some one wrong event ==> that is no problem
  3. get first event content, direct insert to postgresql ==> that is no problem
  4. restart logstash from first event content ==> that is no problem

what am i wrong??????

Have you looked into the logs from Oracle or Postgres?
Can you expand upon the logs from Logstash?

Also, are you monitoring Oracle and Postgres systems while running Logstash?
If not, I would recommend keeping an eye on their connection and memory metrics at the bare minimum.

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