What OIDs should I use when monitoring routers and switches?

I'm in the middle of testing to see if we can monitor everything we need to monitor via Elastic Stack. Linux servers have been easy enough to deal with due to Beats, but our networking infrastructure has proven a bit more of a challenge. As far as I can tell, the best (possibly only) way is via SNMP.

To do that, the obvious tool in the Elastic Stack seems to be Logstash SNMP input plugin.

The thing is, I need to know which OID's to use.

Has anyone already solved this problem? Would you be willing to share?

Do you know of a good OID reference? Most of the sites I've found via Google on the subject have been difficult to navigate.

Our infrastructure is mostly Cisco. There are a few HP items thrown in there as well. When I talked to my coworker in charge of it, he listed a few ip addresses and what (I think) are model names that I could use to test with.

The names:

  • C9k2
  • N9K
  • CoreBB-Catylist
  • 2960-ios
  • HP -Access Control

Another thought, is there a scanning tool that I could use to discover what OID's are available from our infrastructure? Something that would output the OID and what the data actually means.

Thanks in advance!