What would be the easiest way to hook into filebeat?

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I would like to hook into Filebeat once it has a handle on a new file. I think what I need is to create my own reader that is tsv.go (tab separated value) and implement the Reader interface?

The reason I want to do this is that the log files I am parsing have a header that can change a lot and explains how to parse the file field name/types etc.

From what I can see in the code that would allow me to define what the Next() method would output for message

Does that sound right or am I completely lost?


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Why not try the CSV filter, it deals with headers in files, just specify an alternate delimiter

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Can you share an example of such a file? If it is a new file type, I would opt for a new prospector type (input_type). This makes things a little bit more complex. To get started and play around with it, adding a reader is definitively a good idea :wink:

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Do you think the new go1.8 plugin system will allow for hookin into filebeat? Or have you considered abstracting the log file read/parse/registry (state tracking) back into libbeat?

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There is currently no plugin architecture yet in filebeat. But it is planned to push the abstraction forward in filebeat to have prospectors plugin like.

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