Where does logstash put its own logging information?

I'm running logstash, and from standard out, I see no logging info after the server finally starts:

21:02:11.228 [[main]-pipeline-manager] INFO logstash.inputs.beats - Beats inputs: Starting input listener {:address=>""}
21:02:13.088 [[main]-pipeline-manager] INFO logstash.inputs.log4j - Starting Log4j input listener {:address=>""}
21:02:13.168 [[main]-pipeline-manager] INFO logstash.inputs.log4j - Log4j input
21:02:13.329 [[main]-pipeline-manager] INFO logstash.pipeline - Pipeline main started
21:02:14.100 [Api Webserver] INFO logstash.agent - Successfully started Logstash API endpoint {:port=>9600}

How can I see a status update for logstash ? From what I can tell, the output sinks stop doing anything useful after about 60 seconds, and I don't see any new logs rolling in.

  1. This may or may not be my applications, the only way I can reliably tell is if I can read a heartbeat log of how many inputs/sec. logstash is receieving.

  2. I'd also love to see logs for the output info , i.e. how many outputs per second logstash is shipping.

I assume this is stored somewhere in a file, without me having to use any special verbose logging information, but im happy to use standard out if thats the only place to find this information.

Once started it will only log things it needs to, or if you use a stdout output.

In regards to your points, see https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/logstash/current/monitoring-logstash.html

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