Where 'INFO Register' is generated within metricbeat log file?

hi,I find the information in the metrcibeat log file,with the following content
INFO Register [ModuleFactory:[docker, mongodb, mysql, postgresql, system], MetricSetFactory:[apache/status, ceph/cluster_disk, ceph/cluster_health, ceph/monitor_health, ceph/pool_disk, couchbase/bucket, couchbase/cluster, couchbase/node, docker/container, docker/cpu, docker/diskio, docker/healthcheck, docker/image, docker/info, docker/memory, docker/network, haproxy/info, haproxy/stat, jolokia/jmx, kafka/consumergroup, kafka/partition, mongodb/dbstats, mongodb/status, mysql/status, nginx/stubstatus, php_fpm/pool, postgresql/activity, postgresql/bgwriter, postgresql/database, prometheus/collector, prometheus/stats, redis/info, redis/keyspace, system/core, system/cpu, system/diskio, system/filesystem, system/fsstat, system/load, system/memory, system/network, system/process, system/socket, zookeeper/mntr]]

I want to know where 'INFO Register' is generated within metricbeat log file and what this means.
thank you so much and anticipates your reply.

Metricbeat has an internal registry where all MetricsSets has to be registered to be available for users. The log line show that which metricsets are available in Metricbeat. (You can find the list of modules and metricsets here: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/beats/metricbeat/current/metricbeat-modules.html)
You cannot use any metricset in your config which is not present in this list.


I got it. Thank you so much。

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