Where should logstash live? Cloud vs OnPrem

I'm very new to LogStash and Elasticsearch. I'd like to know where to install Logstash; on prem or cloud? I have multiple locations where I'd be collecting log files with Beats and shipping to Logstash, then to Elasticsearch hosted on the cloud. Finally visualizing with Kibana. I don't want these log files being copied or shipped accross WAN links every day. Ideally I'd like for the log files to flow over via our Internet pipe to a hosted environment for Logstash.

Any use cases similar to mine would be nice to read.

There's three main options;

  1. Filebeat > local Logstash -> remote Elasticsearch
  2. Filebeat > remote Logstash -> remote Elasticsearch
  3. Filebeat > local Logstash -> local Elasticsearch + CCS cluster

With 2 you would then use cross cluster search to pull the aggregated data to the CCS cluster and visualise that with Kibana.

Aren't these the same thing?

So in the case of option 2 where Logstach is remote, what are some services that I can use for that? AWS? or is there such services like Elastcisearch where a complete turnkey environment can be setup on the cloud?

You can use Logstash on GCP/Azure/AWS or any other cloud provider.

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