Why log4j plugin for logstash is deprecated?

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I want to use log4j for my application to write the log via stream mode to logstash by its log4j plugin.
But from website below:
it tells "This plugin is deprecated. It is recommended that you use filebeat to collect logs from log4j."

Does anyone know why log4j plugin for logstash is deprecated? I don't want to use log file mode via filebeat ...


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They changed a lot in elastic version 5. Since then some functionalities changed and thats one of them.
I if you realy want to use log4j you should get an older version.

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Have you read https://www.elastic.co/blog/log4j-input-logstash?

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Thanks for sharing, is that the key reason behind? This vulnerability only affects Log4j 2.x version before 2.8.2, While 2.8.2 should fix this issue. I still don't know why deprecate this plugin totally instead of fix it.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but older version seems not maintained anymore.

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