Will logstash-filter-geoip automatically pickup new db file?

We have a Maxmind site license and download updates every week. Logstash (1.5.0rc) config has a geoip filter with database parameter to point to the downloaded database.

But does the filter detect a new db? Or does it require a logstash restart to pickup fresh data.

I've tried answering my question by reading the filter and geoip-module code, but no luck.

At this point, Logstash requires a restart to use an updated db, or any configuration change.

With Logstash 2.0 we are going to use an API-based setup which will allow pipelines to be created/stopped/started on the fly, which will permit on-the-fly updates of this nature.

@rtoma Does the same work for mmdb files? Or you convert them to dat files?