Will Metricbeat 5.0 provide a module like httpbeat, hsbeat

Hi there

IMHO, it would make sense to provide a metricbeat module for httpbeat or hsbeat. Is this already planned for 5.0?


Hi Oli,

No, this is not planned in 5.0. I'm curious to know a bit more about your specific use case for an http input. Are there specific services with REST endpoints that you want to poll?



Hi Andrew

So far, the beats do not provide a way for gathering monitoring data from JVMs in general. A lot of application servers provide statistics over REST/HTML to get the JMX information. Unfortunately, GO doesn't provide an option to access JMX information natively but via Jolokia or something similar you could access the information from an external process but there is no beat except two community beats.


It sounds like what you are looking for is more a generic http module/metricset. We are actively discussing on how this could be fit into Metricbeat but no timeline yet.

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