Will Retry with exponential backoff

I need some help on how to track down the cause of this error:

[2018-05-01T17:40:37,503][ERROR][logstash.outputs.elasticsearch] Encountered a retryable error. Will Retry with exponential backoff {:code=>400, :url=>"http://XXX:80/_bulk", :body=>"No handler found for uri [/] and method [POST]"}

I'm using AWS' managed ES so I don't have access to the ES logs. I've enabled DLQ, but I just get a bunch of files with the number 1 in them. I've enabled debug mode and can get a ton of logs, but nothing jumps out. We've got many services logging to many indexes in the ES cluster, and most data is getting through. No one is complaining yet, but they soon will...

So how can I find get Logstash to tell me something that will point back to what payload it is trying to send when it gets this error?

I get the same error in 5.6.8 & 5.6.9. I'm writing to ES v5.5.

The HTTP response from server your configured host is telling you exactly what the problem is :slight_smile:

Do you intend to be sending your requests to port 80? Elasticsearch typically is bound to port 9200.

80 is correct.

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