Windows beats and Logstash

Hi All,

Am trying to send the windows events from AD to logstash through winlogbeat. I have enabled the TLS in elastic and kibana , i use the cert and key generated by my CA. It works perfectly fine. I was trying to encrypt the data from beats to logstash as well.So I used the same set of certs since its a single node server.Iam unable to start the windows agent I get this message stating

|2018-03-05T15:15:50.293+0100|INFO|instance/beat.go:468|Home path: [C:\Program Files\winlogbeat-6.2.1-windows-x86_64] Config path: [C:\Program Files\winlogbeat-6.2.1-windows-x86_64] Data path: [C:\\ProgramData\\winlogbeat] Logs path: [C:\\ProgramData\\winlogbeat\logs]|
|2018-03-05T15:15:50.295+0100|INFO|instance/beat.go:475|Beat UUID: f671dd55-adb6-4f5c-bd1f-ad360c410430|
|2018-03-05T15:15:50.295+0100|INFO|instance/beat.go:213|Setup Beat: winlogbeat; Version: 6.2.1|
|2018-03-05T15:15:50.295+0100|WARN|instance/metrics_other.go:8|Metrics not implemented for this OS.|
|2018-03-05T15:15:50.295+0100|ERROR|outputs/tls.go:178|Failed reading certificate file C:\Program Files\winlogbeat-6.2.1-windows-x86_64\Certifcates\capm.crt: no pem file|
|2018-03-05T15:15:50.296+0100|ERROR|instance/beat.go:667|Exiting: error initializing publisher: 1 error: no pem file C:\Program Files\winlogbeat-6.2.1-windows-x86_64\Certifcates\capm.crt|

Please do help me to fix this issue .

I recreated the cert and key it worked :slight_smile:

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