Windows cpu_per_core returns no results

When settings the cpu_per_core to true on windows hosts I get no results for individual cores, just total cpu details. Am I missing something here?

stats: system: true proc: true filesystem: true cpu_per_core: true

"cpu": {
"user": 184579,
"user_p": 0,
"nice": 0,
"system": 32406,
"system_p": 0,
"idle": 7429824,
"iowait": 0,
"irq": 0,
"softirq": 0,
"steal": 0
"cpus": {},
"load": {
"load1": 0,
"load5": 0,
"load15": 0

The "per core" stats haven't been implemented on Windows. There's an open issue in the library used to collect the stats:

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