Windows event fields parsing


we are trying to send windows event logs using winlogbeat 7.XX version , we are creating severals of dashboards based on the correlation rules of event built on top of event ,sysmon and security logs ex : =1 AND winlog.event_data.Commandline=ipconfig.exe (this is a visualization).

we observered that events fields are changing across different winlogbetas version , this is impacting our dashboard ( ex 6.71 to 7.1) . This affect all our correlation rules and dashboards.
(Event_id ---> Event.code / Winlog.event_id is being append to mostly all fields)

We observed that in 7.XX we have ECS format that is being used or supported ,

Since we have many event_id being received from windows event viewer .

What is the recommended solution in such situation where we have many event_id being received from windows event viewer?

Should send the winlogbeat to Logstash to parse it based on event_id , in a continuous development upon any winlogbeat change , in a way the fields on kibana are intact ?

OR we should send automatically to Elastic and relay on Winlogbeat ECS format which might be a standard?

I think this is a duplicate of SIEM Parsing? I've replied to it there, let's keep the discussion in the other thread.

True sorry for this

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