Windows logs are coming in, but Linux logs are not

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I have set up a single node ELK machine running the latest 6~ instances for Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash and Filebeat. I have been able to configure Winlogbeat on 2x Windows servers and I am receiving the logs with no issue. I have however noticed that on the indexes, the logs are coming in as Winlogbeat & Logstash but I'm unable to determine why it's splitting them up into 2 indices. I was expecting my 5x Centos hosts to be sending logs to the filebeat index but this doesn't come up. I have even added filebeat to the server the ELK stack is sitting on and to no avail.

I have setup a Gray log server as a test and I am able to successfully send logs with these Linux hosts so communication is not an issue. I have checked the logs under /var/logs/filebeat/filebeat and I can't see anything obvious.

My configuration is as follows:

    input {
  beats {
      port => 5044

   filter {
    grok {
        match => [ "message", "%{COMMONAPACHELOG}" ]

   output {
    elasticsearch {
        hosts => "localhost:9200"

Across all the linux hosts, I have added to the Filebeat.yml:
hosts: ["1XX.1XX.XX.XX:5044"]

I had previously setup a configuration on a VM running the ELK Stack version 5.6 and had no issues sending over Linux logs. But right now I am stumped.

Please let me know if there's anymore information needed to troubleshoot, will post it.

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Hello, would someone be able to help? I have an ELK stack running version 5 and having no issues with Windows and Linux logs flowing through but when I set up what's supposed to be prod using version 6 only Windows logs come in. Configs are pretty much identical and I am lost as to where to look to see why it doesn't work.

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