Winlogbeat causing high CPU utilization

Winlogbeat is causing high CPU utilization in one of our Domain Controller Server. It happens the same time of the day and it's been re-occurring and alerted 3x for this month.

Winlogbeat version - 7.17.9

Up. Hoping to hear from anyone from Elastic Support Team

I also use WinlogBeat for our domain controller. Additionally also metricbeat.
What application did you use to find that Winlogbeat is causing these load peaks?

I use version 8.10.2, maybe updating your software is a possible solution!?

Regarding the version upgrade, we'll check with our supporting team if its a possible workaround since the other DCs have the same version but not experiencing this CPU utilization issue.

As for the application we use, we didn't use any software/application to detect what causing it. We logged in to the server and found out that during the cpu peak it was winlogbeat.

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