Winlogbeat connecting to server then times out

I am really beating my head against the wall with this one. I have logstash (6.3.0) ingesting winlogbeat (6.3.0) events. However, whenever winlogbeat tries to upload to the logstash server I get

2018-07-19T11:17:38.466-0700 ERROR logstash/async.go:235 Failed to publish events caused by: read tcp 192.168:56169-> i/o timeout
2018-07-19T11:17:38.486-0700 ERROR logstash/async.go:235 Failed to publish events caused by: client is not connected
2018-07-19T11:17:39.491-0700 ERROR pipeline/output.go:92 Failed to publish events: client is not connected

I am able to connect to the port using test-networkconnection.

What am I missing?

Could you please share the output config you are using with Winlogbeat and the input config on Logstash.

You should also try the build-in test command.

PS C:\Program Files\Winlogbeat > .\winlogbeat.exe test output

The odd thing is that I changed the ports from 5060 to 4060 and it started working. I think that there was something in the Firewall that was doing something to the traffic. It is a FortiGate firewall.

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