Winlogbeat default paths

The default Winlogbeat is ${path.home}/data, documented here

However, the default service installer install-service-winlogbeat.ps1 is programmed to set to "C:\ProgramData\winlogbeat" instead. Is this intentional, and why?

.\winlogbeat.exe keystore create creates the file ${path.home}/data/winlogbeat.keystore as documented here

In winlogbeat.yml i configure "${CLOUD_ID}" and cloud.auth: "${ES_PWD}"

Now when i go Start-Service Winlogbeat, tries to start, sets the to C:\programdata\winlogbeat\ and fails because it isn't seeing my keystore items and provides the error ERROR instance/beat.go:877 Exiting: error initializing publisher: missing required field accessing 'output.elasticsearch.hosts.

If i copy the winlogbeat.keystore to C:\programdata\winlogbeat\winlogbeat.keystore which is where the service has configured, it starts up as expected and the packets flow.

I don't like that i have to change default paths to make things work, however i suspect i am doing something wrong, so please help... Alternatively if this is not expected, ill raise a software bug/issue.

Looks like this is a known bug, and there is a workaround, however seems like a simple thing to fix in the source code.. Anyone know when this will work out of the box?

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