Winlogbeat: Error loading config file:Type "String" is not supported on top level of config

Hi Guys, i had a problems while config the winlogbeat.yml file in Winlogbeat folder to make it send log to Logstash but it came back with the above errors, so i hop someone that have the similar problem to me can solve this, thanks

Hey @Vi_Hung_Tr_n welcome to discuss :slight_smile:

This looks like a problem with the winlogbeat.yml configuration file, could you share it?

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Hi Jaime, thanks for reply my problem.
Sorry for replying you so late
Here is my winlogbeat.yml file on my Windows server 2008 R2 Host:

i only change the logstash host ip into my ELK server.
Other config i follow the tutortial which i've found on :
Don't know i have done wrong something.

Hey @Vi_Hung_Tr_n,

Could you try quoting the values where you are using variables, for example here:

  - name: Application
    ignore_older: 72h

  - name: System

  - name: Security
      - script:
          lang: javascript
          id: security
          file: '${path.home}/module/security/config/winlogbeat-security.js'

  - name: Microsoft-Windows-Sysmon/Operational
      - script:
          lang: javascript
          id: sysmon
          file: '${path.home}/module/sysmon/config/winlogbeat-sysmon.js'

Dear Jaime, thanks , I've solved this problem by re-install the whole stack plus Winlogbeat

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