Winlogbeat event_data.param17 format change with MapperParsingException


I am using Winlogbeat 5.x to collect Windows Logs. Lately I have been having an issue with a particular field in the event_data. Specically event_data.param17. This field is used by various event sources to contain data of different kinds. Sometimes it a date field and something is a filename field and so on.

Today I had a lot of exceptions where ElasticSearch thought is a date field. However it actually contained a SID field like "S-1-5-11". This caused a lot of MapperParsingException. These exception caused the whole cluster to stop for minutes of a time. It restarted itself , but it is very annoying to have indexing stop.

I have the 5.0.2 winlogbeat template installed. So I assumed that all fields would be a keyword type field. However in todays index , this particular was of type date. The rest of the param field was keyword as expected.

Anyone seen this ? Known problem ?


The template was setup to mark those fields as keyword, but we didn't disable the date detection in the template so you get this problem. It's fixed in Winlogbeat 5.3+.

Hi Andrew

Excellent, I will install updated templates , thnx for speedy assistance


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