Winlogbeat failed to start after adding add_host_metadata


since upgrading Elastic to 6.3, we added the add_host_metadata processor to our beats yml files.
We know that we cannot use it on the windows 2003 servers.
But it seems not to work on Windows 2008 SP2 64-bit servers also, although it works on the 32-bit version.
Any idea's on how to solve this?

The added part:

  • add_host_metadata:
    netinfo.enabled: true

When adding this to the yml file of winlogbeat for example, the service crashes and the following error is logged:
ERROR instance/beat.go:691 Exiting: error initializing publisher: error initializing processors: 1 error: GetNativeSystemInfo failed: invalid argument


Can you try upgrading to 6.4.0? That bug should be fixed.

Aha, thanks! Didn't see that one.
We will do another update round then :slight_smile:


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