Winlogbeat parse CAPI2 Log

I check the capi2 log in windows. The transmission to Elastic also works partially. Only that not all fields are transferred. Specifically, I need the field under
Userdata | certverifyCertificateChainPolicy | certificata | subjectname

maybe also other fields ... how can I transfer these fields to ELastic?

Mfg Marcel

Do you have a sample of the UserData value? If you temporarily add include_xml: true Winlogbeat will send the raw XML that includes the user data then we can try to figure out why it's not parsing the data into winlog.user_data.*. It does assume a certain key/value structure of the user data XML, but there may be a workaround.

ich benötige die werte unter certificate --> subjectname

above is the screenshot which is generated in the server's event log ...
I need the values ​​under certificate -> subjectname
where do I have to store include_xml: true?

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