Winlogbeat queuing when Logstash offline

Apologies if this has been asked before, but I have hunted around and can't find anything specific. I'm sending domain controller logs to Logstash with Winlogbeat. Windows Performance Monitor shows Winlogbeat process using 30MB memory during normal operations. If I take Logstash offline the memory use gradually climbs to 53MB, and then seems continue growing but only very slightly. I've left it for a day now. What should I expect to see if Logstash stays offline? Should resources remain flat or gradually increase?

I haven't changed anything from default other than winlogbeat.yml as follows:

  - name: Application
    ignore_older: 1h

  - name: System
    ignore_older: 1h

  - name: Security
    ignore_older: 1h

  hosts: [""]

I don't especially care if I lose logs while Logstash is offline. I'm far more concerned about not causing any resource issues on our domain controllers.

Any advice appreciated

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