Winlogbeat to write output to a file


Is there a way we can have filename dynamically picks the while writing to a file ?

Something like below.

  path: "/tmp/winlogbeat"
  filename: ***${}***

Hi Prasad,

What you are trying to do is more a mix of linux world and try to replace beat fields with variables try.
But we talk about winlogbeat under windows.
So a path /tmp doesn't exist under windows and I think the variable you are looking for is COMPUTERNAME.
So I assume you are trying to do something like this:

  path: "${TEMP}/winlogbeat"
  filename: "${COMPUTERNAME}"

if you want to setup direct paths, then you will replace your path variable with something like that:

  path: "c:/winlogbeat"
  filename: "${COMPUTERNAME}"

Hello Andre,

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