Winlogbeat Windows config to see logs on Kibana Dashboard

Hello everyone,i need help in Winlogbeat config to see logs on Kibana Dashboard.

I have install a ELK server on a ubuntu 18.04 virtualisation and it's work ! no problem here.
I need add logs of a Virtual Windows Server into the Kibana Dashboard. To do this i install Winlogbeat and only Winlogbeat on my Virtual WindowsServer (does I need install logstach too ? or Elasticsearchmaybe ?)
My ELK server as the ip address
and my Windows Server as ip address : (ping on ELK server ok)

This is my winlogbeat.yml uncomment :

On Powershell when i run "net start winlogbeat" the service start corectly.
I try ".\winlogbeat.exe setup --dashboards"

Does i need change something in Logstash config file ? actually logstash listen on 5044.
Please be indulgent I am a trainee lol
Thank you.

Hi @Luuckyx
Have you configured correctly an input and output in your logstash?
In that case, can you share both?

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Hi @dgonzalezp, thank you for your help,

I dont have make modification into my input or output config's files when i decide to add a windows server.

Hi again @Luuckyx sorry about the delay.

Logstash looks good.
Can you see any index created in Kibana like in the following screenshot?

Hello @dgonzalezp, thank you again spending time
Nothing like that in my Kibana dashboard, you think its cause of HyperV Virtualisation ? Possible ? (Im not sure cause i can ping on my ELK server with the windows server and conversly)

Ok Im back, sorry I had to create a new VM with Winlogbeat (I deleted my old one) anyway.
Try adding the following lines to your winlogbeat.yml file:

hosts: ["yourelasticIP:9200"]

If this dont work, try avoid logstash commenting the output in your your winlogbeat.yml file.

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And if that keep not working, please share your elasticsearch.yml

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