Winlogbeats 5 processors configuration question

(Cord Thomas) #1

We've been using winlogbeat 1.3 for months now and have wanted to be able to pre-process the data shipped by event and trim the fields sent. Seems like the new features in the Beta 5 would offer this. I am getting an error in my yml file (yaml: control characters are not allowed) - i have used yamllint to verify it's okay.

I wonder how strict the parser is and whether a more descriptive error could be provided.

First, i see variations in the formatting of processors in documentation - i have tried several permeations: online there are 2 spaces before the - for drop_fields and then 2 more spaces before the fields. In the example yml files (winlogbeat.full.yml) there is no apparent space before the - before the drop_fields.

Another inconsistency I am unsure matters is sometimes the field names are quoted (winlogbeat.full.yml) and sometimes they are not (filtering-and-enhancing-data.html).

(Cord Thomas) #2

Okay, all that may have been a red herring. I found the problem was (or appears to have been) that my .winlogbeat.yml file was somehow corrupted. Not sure how this would happen....

(Andrew Kroh) #3

What version of Winlogbeat were you running when this problem occurred?

(Cord Thomas) #4

winlogbeat 5.0.0 beta1 downloaded yesterday. 64-bit.

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