Write multiply csv files in logstash output

(yosi) #1

hii ,

i have an input in logstash of beats , and i am writing to csv file in the output .

i want to make a new file of csv in every hour or in every day ?

how i can to define logstash that the current file finish to write close the file and write to other csv file ?

thank you

(Paris Mermigkas) #2

The path option of the file output plugin allows for variable interpolation (as can be seen in the example), so you can use that to rotate files on a specific interval.

(yosi) #3

ok ,

the question is if in each action of filebeat it will be write other file?
and from where it tooks the timestamp?

(Paris Mermigkas) #4

I believe Filebeat creates a @timestamp in each event with the time stamp when it read that specific line, so you can use that.

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