Writing to Metadata with a custom pattern in grok


I have more of a bugreport rather than a question:
I want to use grok to write data into metadata fields.

While this works with predefined patterns it doesnt work with custom patterns.


%{NUMBER:[@metadata][myNumber]} #this works fine
(?<myNumber>[0-9]{6}) #this works but it obviously doesnt write to @metadata 
(?<[@metadata][myNumber]>[0-9]{6}) #logstash wont even start the pipeline returning weird errors
(?<([@metadata][myNumber])>[0-9]{6}) #doesnt work either, same weird errors

Also the config.test_and_exit returns OK in all cases! At least the syntax test should be fixed!


I'd call this a known limitation, but feel free to file a GitHub issue in the logstash-filter-grok project.

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