Wrong Standalone Cluster in Kibana Monitoring


I have a single node elasticsearch cluster called nuxio.
Since a few days ago I suddenly also have a Standalone Cluster in my monitoring tab.
Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash are showing up under the nuxio cluster.
But all Beats (filebeat and winlogbeat) show up under the Standalone Cluster, befor they also showed up under nuxio.

Where did this cluster come from and how do I get rid of it?

Hi @stephan13360,

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I assume you are running Beats 7.2.0 or higher. Please see the discussion in this post, particularly my explanation in this comment and my proposed fix in this pull request.

Hope that helps,


Yes that's it!
It happend when I switched from xpack.monitoring to monitoring.
Thanks for that, i was going crazy where this cluster was coming from.
I will probably switch back to xpack.monitoring until you PR is through.
Thanks alot.

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