X_pack basic logstash no longer imports data


I am running 6.1.1 across the board, and had been using elastic search with no issues (POC). I wanted csv reporting so installed x_pack and got the license. Installed no issues and everything seemed to work. However, after install of x_pack logstash is no longer automatically creating my indexes from filebeats like it was prior to x_pack basic install.

I have read numerous articles about action.auto.create.index and have ensured this is disabled in the configs (prior to doing this logstash was complaining about no such index [action.auto_create_index]) . I can see filebeat sending the file, no errors with logstash but no new indexes created, however all my old data in the index prior to x_pack install is still their and functioning.

Any ideas on what I can check to get my filebeat csv inports and logstash working again?


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Is there anything in the logs of filebeat/logstash that might be useful?


I found the issue. When x_pack is installed (at least how I did it) it was setup for the 30 day unlimited license (which includes security). When I switched it over to basic, some of the security settings still existed. I needed to remove authentication (user/pass) from the filebeat config, which resolved the problem.

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