XDR not showing Prevent action/Denied


having a problem seeing events that are being denied/Prevented by Elastic Defend. I Have checked the policy and all set to prevent only seeing alerts that are being allowed/success not prevented and also the "notify user " feature looks like its not working at all .. what could be the reason ? Please assist

Hi @Charles_Nkuna,

In regards to local notifications on the host not working, is it possible you're encountering the issue documented here? There was a bug that prevented Elastic Defend 8.13.x from displaying the pop-up notification on Windows hosts. The issue was fixed in 8.14.0.

Could you provide more details regarding only seeing alerts that are being allowed, and not those being prevented. What version do Defend are you using? What are doing to attempt to trigger the prevention? Is the prevention definitely occurring and you're just not seeing the alert in the security app?