XML log file with multiple opening/closing tags

I'm trying to use Filebeat to ship a number of xml log files that follow a quite simple request/response pattern. I thought this would be easy, but as a newcomer to the ELK stack I really need some help!

Except from the opening / closing tags, the logs have commands from a "mos device" and responses from a nom application. Messages go both ways, so there will also be commands from the 'nom' application to the 'mos device'. The logs look like this:

<mosLog Device="SOFIE1.XPRO.MOS" Time="24.06.2019 08:00:36">
<mosCommand Command="heartbeat" Time="24.06.2019 08:00:36" Port="10541" IP="">
<nomResponse Command="heartbeat" Time="24.06.2019 08:00:36" Port="10541" IP="">

In most cases the request and response will have the same timestamp.
For messages initiated from the 'nom' application, there are "nomCommand"/"mosResponse" tags.

I've tried various solutions, but none of my patterns/flush_patterns have been able to match the opening/closing tags properly.

Any bright ideas?

Have you tried the xml filter in Logstash

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