Zip file pass through

This may be a strange request, but is there a way that I can use Filebeat / Logstash to do a straight pass through of a zip file?

I have a site that has 10's of gigs of log files that I want to process a day, but they are on a slow connection. So I would like to zip the all log files together, then at the end of the day, I wanted Filebeat to take that zip file and send it up to my Logstash server to save it as a file.
Once I have the zip file on the Logstash server, I would probably use cron or something to unzip the files, and then do a local Filebeat send on the Logstash server to process the files.
Due to latency issues, I cannot stream the files all day long so that I am only doing a differential on the log files.

I know there are other ways to get zip files onto a server, but since I already have a pipeline setup for logs, I thought that I would try and use Filebeat and Logstash to handle that piece as well.

I attempted to create a pipeline to handle this:

- type: log
  enabled: true
    - /root/
  hosts: [""]

Logstash conf:

input {
  pipeline {
    address => zip_file

output {
        file {
                path => "/root/"

When I run through this setup, it takes a 1.3 MB zip file, then it processes the zip file and spits out an 8.3 MB zip file. It's actually kind of cool, it json'ifies my zip file, it adds a bunch of tags, and uses the binary from the zip as the message.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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