_all field as not analyzed

Hello everybody,

How can I set the _all field as a not analyzed field?

The thing is I'm receiving documents with dynamic data structures (so I don't know on before hand the fields that I'm storing) and I need to perform queries over all the fields.

For example I may have indexed:

    a: 'sdf-sdf-qas-bn'
    b: 'hello world'

    b: 'rty-cv--laksd-sdf'
    c: 'good bye world'
    e: 'sdf-sdf-qas-bn'

    zzz: 'zzz33'
    k: 'a-sdf-sdf-qas-bn'

So in such case if I perform a query for getting a document that contains the string 'sdf-sdf-qas-bn' I want to receive DOC_1 and DOC_2

You cannot set analysis on fields like _all, _source, _id etc.