_all still there (not removed on index level)


Im trieing to optimize for space and disabled _all.

mapping looks like this:

"productsv6": {
"mappings": {
"domain6": {
"_all": {
"enabled": false

if i now use

at least theres no results returned. so far so good

But if i use

it returns me all results related to samsung

any idears?

Yes i even put _all enabled:false on index level / during index creation.

Seems bugged for me?

Running on latest docker container 5.4

Do you have documents in that index with a doc_type that is not domain6? could you paste the output of

curl -XGET

into a gist and share it here?

no documents outside of the domain6


             , ....
         copys of domain6 named 1-10

thanks the hint for documents outside the _types helped, had a bug where the document was put outside of all mapped _types.

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