_bulk API: a field can't be removed unless deleting the document first and then upsert

Hi all,

Here is the scenario:

  1. I first populate the data record in Elasticsearch using _bulk API:
  • here is temp.json look like:
    { update : {"_id" : "Tra.1111" }}
    { doc : {"field1":"Test 1", "field2" : "Test 2" }, doc_as_upsert : true }

  • I then load it using _bulk api:
    curl -s -XPOST http://localhost:9200/thong_test/test/_bulk --data-binary

  1. I then want to remove data in field2, but changing temp.json as below
    still leave field2 behind:

{ update : {"_id" : "Tra.1111" }}
{ doc : {"field1":"Test 1", }, doc_as_upsert : true }

If I delete it first, then it will work:

{ delete: {"_id" : "Tra.1111" }}
{ update : {"_id" : "Tra.1111" }}
{ doc : {"field1":"Test 1", "field2" : "Test 2" }, doc_as_upsert : true }

However, is there a better to remove a field in _bulk without delete and
insert the document?

Thanks so much for your help!

Thong Bui

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