_grokparsefailure for Barracuda mailfiltering filter

I've made a couple of custom filters before as you can see in my
filters.conf that I have attached.

But this barracuda filter refuses to parse. I keep getting

If I try the filter with this line in stdin it works.

$ sudo /opt/logstash/bin/logstash -e 'filter{ grok{match => [ "message",
"%{BARRACUDAEVENT}" ] add_field => [ "type", "barracuda" ] }}'
<23>Dec 5 10:14:53 mgw04.hostname.se outbound/smtp:
1417770891-042aaf5c1b019a0001-sxfhsE 0 0 SEND - 1 39E612187BC 250 2.6.0
0dd53c$eapljo@mail-gw2.someclient.com [InternalId=3354846] Queued mail
for delivery #to#

I have also attached the filter in question.

I get no errors in logstash logs indicating what could be wrong with my
filter so I hope the community can help me.

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