[_source] has unsupported parameters

I'm getting mapper_parsing_exception: "Failed to parse mapping [default]: Mapping definition for [_source] has unsupported parameters: [compress : true]". I don't even have _source in my mapping. Does someone knows how to fix this?

We would need more information... What is the operation that triggers this error? Are you using templates by any chance?

I also get the same problem.
I use this template:
"template": "*",
"mappings": {
"default": {
"_all": {"enabled": false},
"_source": {"compress": true},
"date_detection": false
Then I post bulk:
POST /_bulk
{"create": { "_index": "test", "_type": "test"}}
{"host": "test.com", "svc": "test_service", "ppt_id": 1000, "ply_id": 1000, "ctg": "inbound", "dtl": "{"name":"test"}", "time": "2016-08-04T11:48:38", "lv": "debug", "u_id": 1000, "lgn": "test", "session_id": "session"}
Then I get the same problem.
The version is: elasticsearch-2.3.3-1.noarch.
Thank you!

just as the error message said: the current version of elasticsearch does not support property "compress" for meta-data field "_source". if you remove this property definition, this error should alse be removed .