0-all replicas and multiple es nodes per host never goes green

I'm playing with the terms lookup feature (https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/query-dsl-terms-query.html#query-dsl-terms-lookup) which suggests my lookups index should be on all nodes.

If I

  • have auto_expand_replicas set to 0-all
  • run more then 1 node per host
  • use a method that prevents the same shard on the same host (such as cluster.routing.allocation.same_shard.host)

my cluster will now never go green and never have that lookups index on all nodes.
[NO(the shard cannot be allocated on host address [], where it already exists on node [XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX]

Is there a work around so that this index breaks the rule and really is on all nodes? Since the indices that I will be searching against using this lookup are on all nodes, it would be great if lookups was too. Maybe I need a 0-allNodesReally feature?


Can you clarify where you are getting that from, I am not seeing the same thing when I read the doc.

Am I reading this wrong?

Also, consider using an index with a single shard and fully replicated across all nodes if the "reference" terms data is not large. The lookup terms filter will prefer to execute the get request on a local node if possible, reducing the need for networking.

Ahh nope, that was my mistake.

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